1955: abortion is allowed (Soviet Union)
1994: Decree of the Lithuanian Minister of Health

Abort-Report: Abortion conditions in Lithuania
Specific conditions due to COVID-19

  • Abortions not labelled as essential healthcare
  • Some healthcare providers decided to suspend abortion services during quarantine or cancelled planned procedures due to other more urgent COVID-19 related health issues
  • Rhetoric of the Health Minister who encourages women to use quarantine time to reconsider their decision on abortion and consult psychologists



Legal conditions

  • Written consent by the woman
  • Pre-abortion consultation (legal counselling) + pre-abortion confirmation consultation + pre-abortion laboratory tests + post-abortion consultation 1 week after the abortion procedure
  • Contraception evoked during at least 1 of the medical consultations, recommended and prescribed after the procedure.

Specific conditions for minors


Abort Report - Medical Abortions Conditions in LithuaniaMedical abortion conditions: not applicable in Lithuania



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Abort Report - Abortion rates in Lithuania


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Mandatory post-abortion consultation 1 week after the abortion procedure.


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The slides presented are freely accessible. They may be used, copied, displayed or distributed provided that their source is given


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We thank Dr. Lina CIAPLINSKIENE for her help in data collection.

If you have additional data or if you would like to comment some information, please contact info@exelgyn.com.

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