Exelgyn is a global pharmaceutical company specializing in women’s reproductive healthcare. Its mission is to improve women’s healthcare worldwide and increase access to it. The company is known as a pioneer in the medical termination of pregnancy in Europe and in the export market and continues to strive to ensure that women have access to this safe and effective method.

Currently, Exelgyn’s products (included in the WHO Essential Medicines List) are marketed in more than 30 countries, enabling millions of women to terminate their unwanted pregnancies.

Exelgyn is committed to supporting healthcare professionals and women at every stage of the medical termination of pregnancy process. Exelgyn intends to communicate wisely to ensure that patients and physicians have the information they need to make appropriate choices about abortion methods.

Scientific committee and correspondents

The scientific committee is composed of the following European gynecologists and/or obstetricians

  • Christian FIALA (Austria)

  • Marek LUBUSKY (Czech Republic)

  • Aubert AGOSTINI (France)

  • Mirella PARACHINI (Italy)

  • Teresa BOMBAS (Portugal)

We want to thank all our correspondents, former and present, who have kindly accepted to help us collect the data presented on the website (e.g., abortion statistics), in particular those mentioned below for their latest contribution to keep the website up-to-date.

  • Nausikaä MARTENS (Belgium)
  • Dimitar CVETKOFF (Bulgaria)
  • Vesna STEPANIC (Croatia)
  • John REYNOLDS-WRIGHT (England and Wales)
  • Gyula CSERMELY (Hungary)
  • Mette LØKELAND (Norway)

  • Bojana PINTER (Slovenia)
  • Kristina GEMZELL-DANIELSSON (Sweden)
  • Raina BRETHOUWER (The Netherlands)