1861: abortion is a criminal offence (Offences Against the Person Act, Sections 58 and 59)
1983: Inscription of article 40.3.3 in Irish Constitution
1992: Constitutional Amendment: no limit to have information or travel for the purpose of having abortion
1995: Regulation of information Act (services outside the state for termination of pregnancies)
2018 (ongoing): Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution was repealed by referendum in May 2018. Following this the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 (Bill 105 of 2018) passed through both houses of the government in December 2018. It allows for legal provision of abortion services and repeals the Regulation of Information Act.
Abort-Report: Abortion conditions in Ireland

Legal conditions

  • Written consent by the woman
  • Pre-abortion examination (for abortion on request only)
  • Mandatory 3-day period between pre-abortion consultation and abortion procedure (for abortion on request only).

Specific conditions for minors

  • Specific legal counselling
  • Mandatory reporting of underage sex (minors under 17) where there are concerns that a minor may be at risk of abuse.
  • Parent’s (or guardian’s) consent required for minors under 16 to have an abortion, except where discretion is given by health care professionals (e.g., a mature 15 year-old).



Abortion legislation | Practical conditions | Abortion statistics | Characteristics of women having induced abortion
Fertility and contraception data | Country-specific characteristics 


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Abort-Report: Medical Abortion conditions in Ireland


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Women either travel to Great Britain for an abortion or order medical abortion via Internet. In Great Britain, 3,092 women from the Republic of Ireland had an abortion in 2017. Approximately 2,000 women may have ordered online abortion pills in 2017.
Abort Report - Terminations of pregnacy by section of the Act in Ireland

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Not applicable for Ireland

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Abort-Report: Fertility rates in women in Ireland


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After a referendum showed overwhelming support in May 2018 and associated legislation was passed in December 2018, abortion is no longer a criminal offence for a woman to access in any situation. However it remains a crime (up to 14 years in prison) to assist in or provide an abortion to someone outside of the specific legal circumstances.


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