1950: abortion is legalized in former communist Eastern Germany (German Democratic Republic, GDR)
1976: abortion is allowed (Former Federal Republic of Germany, FRG): 1976; revised version §218

1992: new Law after reunification of West and East Germany (27 July)
1993: transitional legal regulations
1995: Law “Schwangeren- und Familienhilfeänderungsgesetz” (21 August)
2010: changes concerning medical grounds.
Abort-Report_Germany Abortion conditions
Specific conditions due to COVID-19

  • Allowing counselling to be available via phone with a digital certification of the consultation



Legal conditions

  • Pre-abortion consultation (legal counselling) except in case of rape.The counselling must take place at a state-approved centre, which differs from the abortion centre.
  • Written consent by the woman
  • Mandatory 3-day period between pre-abortion consultation and abortion procedure

Specific conditions for minors

  • Parent’s (or guardian’s) consent required for minors under 18 unless minors are considered to have sufficient decision-making ability.



Abortion legislation | Practical conditions | Abortion statistics | Characteristics of women having induced abortion
Fertility and contraception data | Country-specific characteristics 


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Abort-Report_Germany Medical abortion conditions


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☷   ABORTION STATISTICS Abortion rates per 1,000 women in Germany

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☷   CHARACTERISTICS OF WOMEN HAVING INDUCED ABORTION Distribution of induced abortions according to woman age in Germany


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☷   FERTILITY AND CONTRACEPTION DATA Fertility rates in Germany


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Women have to give written consent.


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COVID measures taken from the article by Bojovic N, Stanisljevic J, Giunti G. The impact of COVID-19 on abortion access: Insights from the European Union and the United Kingdom. Health Policy. 2021 Jul;125(7):841-858.
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Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung BZgA (Federal Centre for Health Education) (
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