1953: abortion legalized under former communist Poland
1993: abortion is made illegal on the specific request of the Polish pope Johannes II (Wojtyla)
1997: the President of the Constitutional Court announces that the regulation of permissibility of abortion on the grounds of difficult living conditions or a challenging personal situation loses its legal force

Abort-Report: Abortion conditions in Poland
Specific conditions due to COVID-19

  • Abortions on the grounds of “foetal abnormality” are no longer considered constitutional, as per ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal from October 22, 2020



Legal conditions

  • Written consent by the woman
  • Pre-abortion referral from a physician:

– Pregnant woman life/health: physician specialist relevant to the type of the disease
– Fœtus impairment: physician specialist on the genetic defects who states the defect after the genetic testing

Specific conditions for minors

  • Parent’s (or guardian’s) consent required for minors under 13
  • Consent of the guardianship court required for minors under 13; the minor has the right to express her own opinion.



Abortion legislation | Practical conditions | Abortion statistics | Characteristics of women having induced abortion
Fertility and contraception data | Country-specific characteristics 


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Medical abortion conditions: Not applicable


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☷   ABORTION STATISTICS Abortion rates per 1,000 women in Poland

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☷   FERTILITY AND CONTRACEPTION DATA Fertility rates in Poland


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Pre-abortion referral from a physician is required.


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