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2.1.      Purpose of the Website

The Website aims at gathering statistics on abortion, fertility and contraception, for all the Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland.  The Website further displays comparative data on the matter. It is accessible to the general public.

This unique source of information on abortion in Europe has been consolidated in collaboration with various correspondents (health professionals such as gynaecologists, obstetricians).  The Website is meant to be regularly updated and to receive further contributions as well as potential corrections pursuant to the terms and conditions detailed below.


2.2.      Acceptance of the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use enter into force on the date they are placed online.  The viewing and use of the Website (including Content offered by the Website) entail unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in force.

The Terms of Use are therefore binding on any visitor who accesses the Website, regardless of whether he/she is a mere web surfer or a health professional (collectively, the “Users”).  Users are accordingly responsible for familiarising themselves with these Terms of Use the first time they connect to the Website, and for checking them frequently thereafter.


2.3.      Access to the Website

The User recognises that he/she has the necessary skills, abilities and technical resources to access and view the Website.  He/she shall also ensure that any person who accesses the Website through his/her Internet connection has familiarised himself/herself with these Terms of Use and accepted them.

The User acknowledges that due to the characteristics and constraints of the Internet, it is impossible to guarantee the security, availability, and integrity of data transmissions.  The User shall take all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data, information system and/or software from any intrusion or contamination by a virus.  The User shall not fraudulently access or continue to use the Website or to interfere in or alter the Website’s operation, in particular by introducing Trojan horses, logic bombs, worms, or any other virus or malware liable to cause any damage to the Website.


2.4.      User modes

The Website is freely available for any User viewing. In addition, to the extent the User notices any error affecting Content, he/she is encouraged to report such error to Exelgyn, using the following email address: info@exelgyn.com.

Where the User is willing to get involved in the project as such, devote time to enhance the Content of the Website and/or is aware of additional data to share, Exelgyn fosters such initiative and warmly welcomes any email confirming interest, to be sent to the same email address as mentioned above.  This active User may be contacted for the next update of the Content.


2.5.      Intellectual property

The Website and its “Content” (including without limitation all data, editorial content and information, graphics, zones, graphic screens, designs and illustrations, look and feel, detailed story boards, browsing texts, icons, images, models, general and specific ergonomics, trademarks, videos, photographs, sound recordings, slogans, metadata, logos, computer programs, etc.) are Exelgyn’s exclusive property (and where applicable, that of its licensors and partners) and are legally protected in various ways, such as by copyright and related rights, trademarks, designs and models and the rights of database producers.  Exelgyn is or will become the owner or licensee of all such Content.

Exelgyn grants the User a non-exclusive, strictly personal and non-transferable licence to use the Website (and such Content and information as displayed therein) worldwide for his/her own use in accordance with these Terms of Use.  Copies (including download) of such Content are hereby authorised for any lawful purposes (including but not limited to private use or research studies) subject to the observance of the above-mentioned intellectual property rights.  Without prejudice to clause 2.9 below, any use or insertion of Content on any medium which is defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, xenophobic or proselytising in nature, or that incites violence or is otherwise illicit, is expressly prohibited.

Exelgyn’s copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights shall remain its exclusive property or the property of licensors, partners or any third parties when supplied by them. The User shall not modify or delete any identification notice concerning copyright or any other proprietary right, nor alter or otherwise tamper with any sourcing and other relevant information as appropriate (e.g. study period, date/year and the like).

With the exception of the limited permits specifically identified in this clause, any representation of all or any part of the Website or Content by any person (including both natural persons and legal entities) whatsoever without Exelgyn’s express consent is prohibited and shall constitute infringement punishable under applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.


2.6.      Website availability

Exelgyn reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or suspend the operation of all or some portion of the Website without notice for the purposes of maintenance or for other purposes, which the User expressly accepts.

Exelgyn shall not be liable for any suspension or interruption of the operation of the Website or if the Website is unavailable, cannot be accessed, or for poor conditions for the use of the Website due to unsuitable equipment, malfunctions that are internal to the User’s Internet service provider, overload of the Internet or for any other reason beyond Exelgyn’s control.


2.7.      Quality of information disclosed on the Website

Presented data originates from official or referenced sources and have been collected or checked by the correspondents per country in charge of data from his/her country.  Correspondents encompass (i) European gynaecologists/obstetricians who constituted the scientific committee for this project and (ii) volunteer gynaecologists/obstetricians co-opted by the members of the scientific committee.

The Website will be regularly updated to complete data, or to take into account the changes occurred within the previous year.  The date of the last update will be indicated on relevant pages of the Website.  However, considering the volume of data consolidated, Exelgyn is not able to warrant the exhaustiveness, accuracy, truth, quality, currency or relevance of the information on the Website, or that the Content has not been modified by an unauthorised third party.

The information contained on the Website have been compiled and disclosed in accordance with the policy relating to Internet communication for pharmaceutical companies published by the French National Security Agency of Drugs and Health Products (ANSM). Exelgyn reserves the right to change or remove at any time some of the information provided on the Website in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Information provided on the Website is general and not intended or fit for a particular purpose or specific circumstances which may relate to the User. No Content disclosed on the Website shall be considered as an incentive by Exelgyn to purchase, sell products or conduct any other transaction, nor does Exelgyn claim that it is providing consulting or health-related services in any area whatsoever.  Exelgyn invites Users to seek the advice of an authorised health care professional or expert before making any decision on the basis of any information disclosed on the Website.  Under all circumstances, the use of information available on the Website shall remain the sole responsibility of the User and any decisions (including further publication or use) that he/she may make on the basis of such information shall not be the responsibility of anyone but himself/herself.


2.9.      Hypertext links – listing

The Website displays hypertext links to other sites.  Exelgyn shall not be liable for any of these links or offers in connection with the content of these various sites.  Nor shall Exelgyn be responsible for hypertext links pointing to the Website and other listing of the Website by third parties.

Users shall refrain from posting any links to the Website on any Internet page, forum, chat, online platform, social network or any other web, digital or hard copy medium (altogether the “External Media”) that is contrary to law, public policy or the rights of Exelgyn, its partners, other Users, or any other third parties.  In particular, Users shall (i) observe the intellectual property rights relating to Content and the intellectual property rights of third parties and Exelgyn’s partners, (ii) not disrupt the operation of the Website by unreasonably increasing posts of links on External Media, where the volume of links have the effect of reducing, disrupting or altering the normal use of and access to the Website, (iii) not post links to the Website on External Media, where such External Media are defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive, xenophobic or proselytising in nature, or that incites violence or is otherwise illicit, (iv) not to harvest or collect information about third parties or other Users for purposes of prospecting.


2.10.    Modification of the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use may be modified at any time.  The User is accordingly strongly encouraged to check them regularly.


2.11.    Applicable law – Jurisdiction



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